350 Real Life Stories on Rimadyl NSAID Pain Relief Medication

  • From Debbie B Roos on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?


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  • From Gordon Young on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Our dog Socks was a Lab/Pit Bull mix eleven years old with never a sick day in his life.. He was having just a small bit of arthritis (the Vet told us) and without knowing one was not supposed to give it to him I gave him one Tylenol. He was 77 pounds and in excellent health. Socks seemed a bit “spaced out” and I was afraid it was the single Tylenol. I immediately took him to the Vet again and was told, yes, arthritis and I was given 60 -75mg Rimadyl chewable and 60 Gabapentin capsules. I was told to give him one each of the pills twice a day. As soon as I began the pills Socks began to be very quiet and laid down a lot. We went on a walk and he seemed OK but when we came back he would lay down immediately. I didn’t like the situation so I only gave him one Gabapentin before I stopped those completely but continued the Rimadyl. The Vet gave me no cautions about either medications usage. The Tech said Socks would “act like a Puppy again soon”

    Socks continued to decline with panting when there was no reason to pant, refusing food but still drinking some water . For specially liked treats he would eat a small piece of chicken and then refuse any more. On short walks he would urinate often. He started to have very small black, tar like stools consisting of black outer layer and more normal color inside. He was his normal mentally bright self except for the tiredness and a desire to be by himself in the back yard all night which he never has done before as we have a dog door installed.

    After 8 days of the two per day Rimadyl I stopped it as he was getting worse with now no eating and not as much drinking. I assumed he would get better, but he continued to fail.

    His now much shorter walks showed that while his front legs were strong, his entire rear end and legs sort of wriggled back and forth from side to side and his back legs were close together. and lacked energy. We went back to the Vet when he couldn’t get up because his back legs became suddenly paralyzed. (One week after stopping Rimadyl) We were referred to an emergency Vet hospital where it was determined that he was bleeding into his spine causing paralysis. His blood platelet count was VERY low and the Vet asked if we had any Mouse Poison around. We have a small amount in a false ceiling for mice but it is not accessible to a dog so that was not it.

    Vet opinions ranged all the way from Rimadyl to silly things like unknown cancer which no one had found in a sweet active, normal dog but there was no “proof” of anything. After about $600 in vet expenses, it was suggested that they could do a CT scan to find the bleeding site ($1400) and that might give them more information. They were good in reminding me of the many dogs Rimadyl has helped, but never gave me a warning about the damage it could do. I found this out on the Internet and sites like this. Thank you.

    We had to euthanize socks yesterday a week after I stopped the Rimadyl and about two weeks after he started on it. . (Yesterday was also my wife’s Birthday) and we are so sad with a dear 11 year friend rather than a pet missing, who was always there with a wagging tail and uncaring love. I hope that anyone reading this is so VERY careful with this VERY dangerous drug. I would never advise anyone to use it on any animal of concern.

    My religion teaches me that all life will be fully resurrected so I look forward to seeing Socks again in a place where I can throw and he can chase real balls and run and play in real fields again always. But for now I miss him greatly.

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  • From Linda B on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Our Chihuahua just died from Rimadyl! She was 16 and the vet gave it to us to give to her for her arthritis. Before that they did blood work on her and all of her bloodwork was excellent, no heart damage, no kidney or liver damage, they could not believe the numbers and how healthy she was for an old dog. We gave it to her for 1 1/2 weeks and last Wed night in the middle of the night she had a really bad seizure, bit her tongue and blood aspirated into her lungs. She came through the seizure but was laboring in her breathing because of the fluid in her lungs. Took her down to the vet they checked her heart which was good, did x-rays and all looked good, so the only thing they could determine is that during the seizure she got a lesion in her brain (stroke) which damanged the part of knowing where she was, totally lost. She had never had seizures before and was never on any medication in her entire life! That night was the first night also that they had us give her Trazadone for her anxiety.

    We are so lost without our baby girl, we loved her so much. If I would have known that this was one of the side effects of Rimadyl we would have never given this to her. Of course the vets to not give you any information on it. When a human gets a prescription at the pharmacy we are given all kinds of info on it, including side effects and our decision if we want to take it. But in this case I guess we were suppose to trust the Vet. A piece of us died with our baby and I blame myself for giving her this drug without researching it. But we were told oh it is safe and will help her.

    I would advise anyone with an older dog not to give them this drug for sure, even a younger dog.

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    • From Bulterman de Groot on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

      Hi Linda,

      I am sorry to hear of your dog’s passing. I understand that this will leave you with varying emotions. You will have good days and bad days in the coming months or perhaps even years but please try not to blame yourself for this.

      The thing is when we take our dogs to a vet we simply have to place our trust into their knowledge and experience because that’s the only thing we can do as a responsible dog owner.

      What happened to you and your little dog is a terrible thing and we fully understand that nothing but time itself will be able to change your feeling of pain and loss.

      Our deepest sympathies go out to you and your family at this time of loss.

      Our warmest regards

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  • From Mary Vinson on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Rimadyl/ Carprofen was given to my Golden retriever for her spay surgery and for pain after the surgery– she was sick the day following with vomiting and diarrhea– called the vet –said to not give the carprofen–may be allergic– took her back to vet 2 days post op for meds to calm her GI tract –she seemed to be on the mend until she dropped dead on day 5 post op–autopsy showed blood pooled in her spleen and did not get out to other organs– her heart stopped and she died! He said she developed IMHA with DIC—I know that drug started it all into play—SO MAD–How do you trust these vets?? Her gums were pale and there was no saving her–we were just out to potty and she was wagging her tail walking with me–she stumbled and was down and dead–I will never forget the ordeal. I wish I had not taken her in to be spayed– Vets need to keep educated on these damn drugs and problems they can cause.

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    • From Bulterman de Groot on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

      Hi Mary,

      We are truly sorry to hear about your loss, please accept our condolences on the passing of your dog.

      There are several (research) studies published on the topic of IMHA and DIC and all speak against administering drugs that may cause bleeding such as aspirin or NSAIDs.

      Losing your dog is a deeply sad event, no matter what caused it.

      You and your family are in our thoughts.

      Warmest regards

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  • From Josephine on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    My 1 year old pit mix just had her spay Surgery this past week, they gave me tramadol and Carprofen, i didn’t start her Carprofen until the second day after her surgery and by night her neck was swollen, rash like, and extremely dry. It also seems like there was some sort of fluid building up. I didn’t want to continue the Carprofen; the vet that did her surgery is not open until Monday, I didn’t know what else it could have been since she has been with me since her surgery practical all day everyday. The swelling lessened through out the day today. But i haven’t seen any information about swelling in the neck caused from this drug. I was very worried this morning, waking up to my pup who usually has very little extra skin and folds now with a whole new neck lump! Not sure how to take care of it until i can get her into the Vet Monday. Any ideas?

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  • From Leigh M. on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    We have a 181lb Saint Bernard – he has an autoimmune disease of his muscles (in remission thankfully), and also bilateral hip dysplasia. He was put on Rimadyl about 3 weeks ago, and he has been SO INCREDIBLY itchy, and has developed little red bumps/sores sporadically over his body (legs, neck, back). He has NEVER had a flea on him, ever. I kept thinking some kind of food allergy or environmental allergy, but the only thing that has changed is starting the Rimadyl. We’ve been to our vet twice for the itching since the start of the Rimadyl and not once have they suggested or even mentioned this being due to the Rimadyl. Then my husband put two and two together today….which led me here. He will not get one more pill! Thank you everyone for adding your stories, as it helps all of us be informed.

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  • From Ozlem on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    My dog starts to rimadyl for limping 3 days ago . He is 70 lb and 2 and a half years old. I gave him 50 mg for first day. He was just sleepy . Second day i gave to him 50 mg again . One hour later he starts to look like he is sad or something like that. Sleepy but not a real sleep , moving like a drunk , licking his paws and sheets almost till morning. I did not sleep and monitored him and start to search and find this site… read all comments and did not give the pill today . He is normal now . I could not think what would be happen end of the week . He is still limping with lots of energy and smiles which we are prefer this. Thanx for every ones warnings .

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  • From LInda C on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    We had our Lab that is 10 on it or pain and with in a week he had a reaction and spend several days in the Hospital. his liver enzymes went off the chart. Can close to losing him. Becareful giving this drug to your dog

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  • From Jan Foster on What are the Rimadyl side effects in Dogs?

    Our 11 yr old Lab was DX with hip dysplasia 1 yr ago. Given Tramadol, Rimadyl and Gabapentin. Been good for the last year till yesterday and started with blood in stool. We took him to 2 specialists (neuro and ortho) last year, the ortho put him on Rimadyl and our vet took over and continued with RX but NO ONE out all 3 of these “professionals” said anything about monitoring blood or Rimadyl side affects. Ever. If anything, Vet was put out when we asked for RX to be distributed by Allivet since cost was 50% less than vet, who was charging $157/mo. So it’s now no wonder these miserable veterinarians DON’T tell you about the drug side affects – they have a HUGE financial interest in prescribing it. No different than MDs out there who have stock in the pharmaceutical companies so they prescribe meds that are harmful to humans.

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